Michael Sollis

Michael Sollis (b.1985) is a composer, researcher and artistic director based in Canberra. He is artistic director and composer of The Griffyn Ensemble, Canberra’s premier chamber ensemble with a reputation of innovative programming.  He is also a published researcher within the interdisciplinary fields of anthropology-composition-linguistics. Michael studied under Jim Cotter and Larry Sitsky at the ANU School of Music, where he received the University Medal for music and anthropological research into sung tales in the Papua New Guinea highlands.  Anthropological research has been formative in his own compositional language and have influenced much of his work. Michael has had works performed by ensembles all over Australia including The Australian String Quartet, The Griffyn Ensemble, Tucana Flute Quartet, dominantSEVEN, the Queensland Conservatorium Brass Band, Kuringai Philharmonic Orchestra, Canberra Mandolin Orchestra, and the performance of two musical theatre works.  Michael has been Composer in Residence for The Australian Voices – one of Australia’s foremost choirs specialising in contemporary music; and Music For Everyone, winner of the 2009 National Music in Communities Award.

Michael currently teaches Composition at the ANU School of Music and is chair of the Australian Youth Music Council.  He is ACT Manager for Musica Viva Australia, Australia’s largest presenter of chamber music.


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