June 14th, 2013 Australian Jazz @ Spectrum New Music, NYC

Photo via Nadje Noordhuis

Photo via Nadje Noordhuis

ExhAust New Music is thrilled to present an all Australian Jazz concert curated by brilliant Australian Jazz trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis. Nadje recently launched an amazing autobiographical album, which has been described as “combining cinematic sweep, transportive emotion, and rich melodic grandeur”. Nadje first worked with ExhAust on our inaugural concert in October 2011, where the ensemble premiered her hauntingly beautiful piece “Migration“.

Nadje has assembled a group of some of the best Australian Jazz artists currently living in NYC for the concert: Troy Roberts (Saxophone), Barney McAll (Piano), Desmond White (Bass) and Raj Jayaweera (Drums). It’s sure to be a great evening of incredible jazz from the other side of the planet.

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