Merriment! Chrismukkah!

Have an ExhAustive Chrismukkah!

A big shout out to the fans, friends and family for a cracking 2012. We’ve felt such a massive outpouring of love and support from those back home and across the globe this year and we’re mighty proud to continue to represent Aussie new music in NYC.

Thanks to your encouragement (and donations!) we kicked off ExhAust’s second year in existence with a spicy Sunday afternoon concert in November and we’ve got a swag of great music to come. In 2013, we’re thrilled to be joined by two phenomenal Aussies-abroad: jazz composer/trumpeter/powerhouse Nadje Noordhuis, and soprano/historically informed, avant-garde adventurer Jane Sheldon. Keep your ears peeled for details!

Hum lots of holiday tunes. Keep safe. Feast heartily.

Lots of love,

The ExhAust crew

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