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What do we want to do?

Last year we presented one fantastic concert at the Galapagos arts space in Brooklyn, NY. It was a great concert – but an expensive one. This year, we’ve jiggled things around to set up a more sustainable model that is less expensive to produce, enabling us to present the work of MORE emerging Australian artists for LESS money.

All that means is that we plan to present TWO brilliant concerts in the coming concert season – one in November 2012, and the other in March 2013.

The first, scheduled for November 10th, will be all “new music”. On the program will be works by Lisa Dowling, Julian Day, Tim Hansen, Aristea Mellos, Cyrus Meurant, Lachlan Skipworth and Chris Williams.

Playing these awesome works will be Shaun Barlow (flute), Ashley Smith (clarinet), Lisa Moore (piano), Isabelle O’Connell (piano)*, Will Martina (cello), Rich Vaudrey (cello), and Lisa Dowling (double bass).

The second, scheduled for March 2013, will be an all-Australian Jazz concert, curated by Aussie trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis, and feature the talents of Shannon Barnett (trombone), Barney McAll (piano), Sam Anning (bass), and Raj Jayaweera (drums).

Both events are taking place in New Spectrum, an awesome music venue in the guts of SoHo with a concert Steinway and a reputation for putting on the cuttingiest-edge music of today.

*Isabelle is our only ringer! She’s Irish. Which is practically Australian, right?

Why do we need money?

Because we don’t have any? Just kidding. In all seriousness, concerts are actually pretty expensive to produce. We need to pay for rehearsal space, transport for instruments, promotion, documentation, and, of course, the musicians for their time and expertise. It all adds up:

Performers’ fees: $1900
Rehearsal space: $300
Cartage: $50
Promotion: $300
Documentation: $150
Plus other bits and bobs including boring stuff like fees, printing costs, postage and so on.


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