The ExhAust New Music Collective brings the latest New Music from Australia to New York City: from Sydney to SoHo,from Melbourne to Midtown, from Wagga Wagga to Williamsburg.

Committed to promoting the work of emerging, developing and established Australian composers in the USA, ExhAust is a powerful musical alloy of passionate Australian and enthusiastic American artists, thrumming with talent grown on opposite sides of the planet.

Australia is a culturally sophisticated nation that produces some of the best artists and creative minds in the world. The yawning geographic gulf between Australia and cultural powerhouses such as London and New York, coupled with the prohibitive expense of traveling between these places means that, for many young Australian composers, the opportunity to disseminate their work amongst a wider, international audience is virtually impossible. ExhAust aims to change that.

ExhAust is a fluid collective of like-minded musicians and composers. Rather than restrict ourselves to one group of instruments, the collective instead aims to present concerts in a variety of media and instrumentation in order to best present the diversity of styles characteristic of the Australian music scene.

For more information or to contact us, please email exhaustmusic@gmail.com